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The Second Regional Adolescent and Youth Health Conference in Oman promotes adolescents’ health and development

In a joint innovative initiative, UNFPA GCC, along with several partners including UNICEF, World Health Organization, National Youth Committee Oman, sponsored the Second Adolescent and Youth Health conference, which was organized by Oman`s Ministry of Health that was chosen to host the Second Adolescent Health Conference in Arab region, in co-operation with the International Association of Adolescent Health (IAAH). The conference was held on October 22-24rd, 2018 in Muscat and attended by more than 50 participants from national and international/regional institutions, universities, INGOs and government entities working on youth and adolescents health issues.

 The conference aimed to create an increase regional awareness with community based programs and to ensure that the health care Providers are able to prevent and face the unmet needs of the adolescents and youth population in the MENA Region.

Given its distinguished work in this field, UNFPA was invited to provide an opening speech, which was given by Mr. Asr Toson, UNFPA GCC Representative. Mr. Samir Anouti, UNFPA Arab States Regional Advisor on Youth/HIV&AIDS was selected to be the keynote speaker in the first plenary session. UNFPA was also represented by Mr. Salah Al-Saleh, UNFPA GCC Programme Analyst and Ms. Leana IslamUNFPA Jordan Emergency Youth Officer, who made a presentation titled “Multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder partnership for young people in humanitarian action - Ensuring
access to essential Services, Participation, Capacity, Resources and Data” on the second day. 

Y-Peer had a booth assigned by the Ministry in the exhibition which was organized on the margin of the conference, so the national Y-Peers had the chance to promote for UNFPA mandate and Y-Peer network activities in the country. UNFPA GCC had a pavilion too, where many promotional items and publications were exhibited and shared with the public.