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Y-PEERs Raising Awareness on HIV in Oman

The Y-PEERs had a small interactive awareness raising exhibition on the 13th of December to commemorate World AIDS Day that was on the 1st of December.

Y-PEERs and Youth For Change volunteers, supported by the UNFPA, held an exhibition at the Oman Tourism College in Collaboration with Ministry of Health on the 13th of December. The event had educational lectures that discussed drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS and youths in Oman. The Y-PEERs had stalls that had informational material on general HIV and had thought provoking activities for the college students attending the event, including writing a letter to people living with HIV/AIDS, and an interactive quiz where participants could choose an envelope that contained a question and the one with the best answer was given a prize. The Y-PEERs also told those attending about the network and how other youths could join if they were interested.

There was also a video booth for people to share their stories for the 7 Billion Campaign and where they felt their place was in this world of 7 billion, the guest of honor for the event - the Dean of Oman Tourism College was the first to participate and record a short video with an inspirational message for youths of today.

The event was very successful and got a lot of youth thinking about an issue that is not often discussed, and raised awareness about how the Y-PEERs and Youth For Change volunteers are trying to make a difference for youths nationwide.

For photos from this event, please check the album in the photo gallery.