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7Qs Related to Youth

UNFPA conducts focus group discussion with the theme '7Qs Related to Youth" with Y-PEER Oman members on 13/10/2011

As part of our support for the Y-PEER network in Oman, a focus group discussion is held sporadically to raise awareness and spark interest on various youth related issues in the Sultanate. On the 13th of October 2011, an FGD was held with the theme "7 Qs Related to Youth". This discussion explored various themes, focussing around 3 key areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Gender
  • Civic participation

The discussion was very dynamic, and the Y=PEERs were very particapotory in contributing ideas for how to effect change and to engage youth in Oman more effectively with society, as well as learning how to talk more openly with their peers, as well as the idea of NGOs and how they can help tackle sensitive issues and bring them into the public focus more.

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