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The International Youth Day 2018 is celebrated with youth engaging activities in Oman

UNFPA GCC and Y-Peers Oman planned for two activities to observe the International Youth Day in August.

The aims of these activities were to motivate members of the Y-Peer network in the country, reach out for the public to promote UNFPA mission in relation with youth empowerment, gender equality and RH&Rs, and build the capacities of the network, and at the same time allow the volunteers to advocate for a healthy life style which is an issue that tops the agenda of the Ministry of Health (MoH) in the country.

On 10-19 August, 8 Y-Peers participated in Khareef Salalah annual Festival in the governorate of Dhofar, and 18 members attended a Peer Education (PE) training on 14-15 August, on the margin of the festival, to ensure continuous presence in the largest of the eleven Governorates in Oman in its area. In this activity, UNFPA co-operated with the MoH, which provided the festival and PE training venue. Through the festival and the pavilion assigned to the Y-Peers, the young women and men had the opportunity to distribute promotional items to the visitors of the festival and brief them about the mission of UNFPA, the role of the Y-Peer network and discuss some youth related persistent issues as Reproductive Health and Rights (RHRs), dangers of drug abuse, social equality, among other topics.

On other hand, the PE, which was held at the General Directorate of Health in Dhofar, and attended by local youth and some current Y-Peer members, focused on tackling issues related to SDGs, sexual transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS), harms of smoking, gender equality, peace building and conflict resolution, and the theory of Peer Education. The main goals of the PE were to recruit new members across the country including Salalah, introduce the participants to the current members of the network and to spread awareness on social and health issues in Oman.

These 2 activities, conducted in August, followed a remarkable ToT for the Y-Peers that was held on 27-31 July, 2018 in Muscat. The training was a long-waited opportunity to refresh the knowledge of the current members and orientate the new joiners. It was provided by 2 regional experienced PE trainers, who recommended 9 participants of this workshop to lead and coordinate Khareef Salalah activities to support their leadership skills and create a new cadre of Y-Peer empowered members.  Certificates of accomplishment were awarded to the attendants.