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UNFPA and MoH Oman hold 5 days workshop on Y-Peer educational manuals


UNFPA GCC provided Technical Assistance to Ministry of Health (MoH) in Oman to launch a ToT on the Y-Peers training manuals for health educators at the Ministry. 

The five-day workshop curriculum consists of seven manuals, including Y-Peer Educators Manual, Y-Peers Manual, road safety, tobacco abuse, violence among youth, nutrition, and life skills manual. The initiative came in consistent with the Ministry's strategy to promote healthy life style among youth and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals which place youth at the core of the development. 

The training is intended to develop the communication skills of the trainees, so they are well prepared to address the most persistent youth issues in the country. 

The 21 attendants of the workshop are school nurses from Ministry of Health and health educators from Ministry of Education (MoE), who come from seven governorates in Oman: South Al Batinah, North and South Sharqiyah, Ad Dhahirah, Al Wusta and Musandam, and Muscat. They will be trained on educating youths in their respective governorates, so that young women and men can adopt the Y-Peer methodology and spread awareness and knowledge on the most important youth related issues. 

Within this co-operation, UNFPA provided an experienced consultant to conduct this intensive training and the Y-Peer manuals, which were distributed on the workshop beneficiaries.