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UNFPA GCC and Ministry of Education in Oman hold a five days workshop on Adolescents Health Manuals

The United Nations Population Fund- GCC sub regional office along with the Ministry of Education represented by the General Directorate of the Education Programmes, held a 5 days workshops (17-21 September 2017) under the current co-operation framework with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. The training, which was supported by UNFPA, provides the required skills and capacities to the health educators, school nurses and psychological and social specialists at schools to deal with the adolescence stage of life and its implications.  The number of attendants were 30 trainees from both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, 20 of them are from 5 participating Omani governorates. 

The training goals are to introduce the trainees to the training methods to provide well-tailored health messages to the school students in regard to their health and life-style. It also provides the required skills to the trainees in order to take decisions regarding adolescents’ persistent issues and modalities to increase students’ self-confidence. The participants also learn about the methods to design protective programmes to address adolescents current psychological, social and physical problems such as adopting improper health habits, lack of self-esteem and drug abuse...etc 

The trainees learn more about their roles and how to engage both the society and the family in dealing with adolescents and responding to their needs. They were introduced to the phases and transformations related to adolescence age and the concepts and misperceptions associated to this phase of life. 

The trainees were provided by the 5 health education manuals offered and developed by UNFPA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education so they can transfer and share this knowledge with their counterparts and colleagues at schools in Muscat and in the other participating governorates. 

The workshop was held at the central training complex of Ministry of Education in Muscat.