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UNFPA GCC joins Qatar in its celebrations marking the Qatar National Population Day

Each year, UNFPA GCC emphasizes the importance of the long term co-operation with the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA)/the Technical Office of the Permanent Population Committee (PPC) of Qatar, by being present at the annual Qatar National Population Day. On the 22nd of October, UNFPA GCC representative, Mr. Asr Toson attended this major national event, and gave a widely observed speech, which highlighted the outstanding co-operation between the UNFPA and the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics. He also pinpointed UNFPA continuous contribution and technical assistance provided to train the national cadres in order to implement the programme of action and goals of the recent Qatar Population Policy 2018-2022.

Since UNFPA is always keen to exchange experiences between countries and create a knowledge sharing platform, an expert from the National University of Singapore was invited to provide an in-depth presentation on the Singaporean family focused population policy and the common aspects between Singapore and Qatar in terms of migration and integration of expats, as well as the adopted policies to enhance the family-work balance for parents which positively impact the family and support women in the country. The expert also shed light on the linkages between the SDGs indicators and the population trends on country levels.