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UNFPA joins the government of Qatar in its celebrations of the National Population Day

In a national event that was widely covered by the Qatari media outlets, UNFPA took part in the celebrations of the Qatar Permanent Population Committee (PPC) marking the annual Qatar National Population Day on 31st of October 2018.  The celebration was presided by HE the Minister of Development Planning and Statistics Dr. Saleh al-Nabit, Chairman of PPC. Qatar Population Day 2018 was held under the theme “One year after the Launch of Qatar Second Population Policy 2017-2022” with the attendance of a large number of officials in Qatar and representatives from entities that are implementing the policy.

In a speech during the celebration, UNFPA GCC Representative Mr. Asr Toson said that Qatar places a great importance to the issues of population and development in line with the global trend and the development agenda 2030. He praised the country's interest in population issues at the regional and international levels and mentioned the history of co-operation between UNFPA and PPC in developing the population policies of the country.  He added that Qatar's population policy 2017-2022 reflects a strong interest in population and development issues, which was also indicated in the Qatar National Vision 2030 to serve as a clear road map for the future of the country and welfare of its nationals and residents.

On 1st of November, and following this event, the PPC held its first Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on exchanging ideas and opinions for the population and development forum which will be held in 2019. The EGM was also attended by UNFPA GCC staff.